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Decent Disclosure

The DDoS Vendor Review goal is to help organizations choose the best DDoS solution for them. It includes reviews of DDoS vendors, with a strong focus on their technical merits.

The following describes how the analysis is done, how it is funded and what measures are used to keep it objective.


The analysis’s ultimate goal is to help organizations choose the best DDoS product. Red Button’s assumption is that product selection is one of the biggest issues organizations face today in DDoS mitigation, perhaps the biggest one. Organizations face an information gap in making this critical decision.

To meet this goal, the report must be objective. This is achieved by a funding method that does not affect the content.


The primary funder of the report is Red Button itself. Red Button offers multiple DDoS services, including consulting, training, DDoS simulation, managed services and more. Red Button is not a DDoS vendor and therefore the analysis scope excludes its own activities.

The secondary resource for funding the report is selling SEO and marketing benefits such as retargeting pixels or links to vendors’ web sites. This activity does not, implicitly or explicitly, affect the content of the analysis.

Interaction with vendors

Red Button interacts with multiple vendors on a daily basis. In some cases there may be business-related interaction (e.g., Red Button can act as a reseller of a vendor for a given customer). However, Red Button maintains a strict vendor-neutral approach, and intimate interaction with the vendor is considered an asset, as it is used to validate the vendor’s claims.

Cooperation with vendors in the analysis

Red Button strives to cooperate with all selected vendors. The vendor's cooperation includes the following: request for public information, evaluation license and request for comments on the analysis draft.

Some of the vendors cooperated very well, while others did not. In the latter case, this impairs our ability to present a complete analysis and to include the vendor in the competitive analysis section.