DDoS Experts

We help banks, financial organizations, gaming companies and high-risk orgs
prevent and mitigate DDoS attacks.

Why DDoS
Protection Fails?

There are three key reasons why DDoS attacks succeed, despite large expenditures for DDoS protection technologies.

  • Not enough DDoS testing and attack simulations.
  • Tech suboptimization – missing components, incorrect setup, misaligned configuration, etc.
  • Security, network, and SOC/NOC teams that are not trained for DDoS.
We help you address all these critical issues with our highly experienced team of DDoS experts.

Our Services

DDoS Testing

Controlled and safe DDoS attacks to evaluate your defenses and uncover problems, so we can provide targeted, actionable recommendations.

DDoS Hardening

Analysis of your technology infrastructure, with detailed recommendations for network architecture improvements and configuration optimization.

DDoS 360

Year-round activities to protect at-risk companies, including periodic DDoS testing, technology hardening, training, and incident response.

DDoS Training

Tailored, hands-on training to increase the skills of your security and IT teams, so they can quickly identify and respond to attacks.

Incident Response

Our Incident Response (IR) team handles critical DDoS emergencies, efficiently and effectively stopping the attack and minimizing downtime.


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Authorized DDoS Test Partner

Red Button is an authorized DDoS Test Partner of both AWS and Microsoft Azure.


What Our Customers Say

Red Button is the perfect service provider, with a team that is extremely professional and dedicated. They are so committed - no less than my own employees – that it sometimes feels like we’re their only customer."

- Cyber Security Programs Lead at a large bank

I would like to thank you for the major efforts of your team during the last 36 hours, helping us handle a DDoS ransom threat and harden our systems."

- CISO at a global digital payment company

Which DDoS Attacks Can You Withstand?

As a cybersecurity professional, you always want to assess your risks accurately, so you can know how to focus your efforts and limited time.

The DDoS Resiliency Score (DRS) standard helps you evaluate your DDoS attack risk based on your industry, understand the type of attacks should you be able to withstand, and compare your current protection level to other companies in your industry.