DDOS Incident Response

When you’re under a DDoS attack, services are down, and mitigation efforts fail - there’s not much time for experiments. Every minute counts.

Our Incident Response service helps you handle critical DDoS emergencies to efficiently stop the attack and minimize outage time. Each year, our team mitigates over 30 global DDoS attacks, including intense volumetric attacks of 100 Gbps to 1.2 Tbps.

We offer the most up-to-date knowledge on DDoS attack trends, field-tested best prevention practices, proficiency with all DDoS mitigation technology vendors, and extensive know-how to efficiently manage a stressful event.


Our Incident Response Process

Red Button DDoS experts are immediately assigned to block the attack.

We work closely with your security and IT teams and orchestrate activities to
promote the fastest attack mitigation.

Once we stop the initial attack, we prepare for a next strike by hardening the assets that are most likely to be attacked, conducting testing to uncover problems, and coordinating all teams.

We build an attack playbook that provides detailed incident response
procedures. This is supplemented by training for your teams to improve
readiness for any future attack.

Service Contents

Our DDoS incident response service lasts 30 days and includes the following activities:

Immediate DDoS Expert Assignment

Our top DDoS IR experts are immediately assigned to your incident. They analyze the attack and apply the appropriate mitigations until the attack has been fully mitigated.

Testing and System Hardening

We audit your network architecture and DDoS protection system configuration, including running a DDoS test. This is followed by detailed recommendations for hardening and optimization to prevent future attacks.

Training and DDoS Attack Playbook

We conduct DDoS training for your teams to increase their skills and readiness. This is complemented by a DDoS Playbook that provides detailed procedures and activities
for any future attack.

To receive an immediate assistance from our top DDoS Experts, please contact us.