DDoS Education

Give your technical teams the knowledge and expertise they need
to effectively handle DDoS attacks.

The Human Factor

It takes more than technology to mitigate a DDoS attack. It is crucial that technical teams know how to quickly identify precisely what is happening and take the correct mitigation measures.


Our DDoS Training Courses


  • Combining both theory and hands-on labs, our course provide the knowledge and practice security teams need.

Best practices

  • Our courses incorporate the most up-to-date insights on DDoS attack trends and the best prevention practices.

Online or on-site

  • We offer both basic and advanced courses - online, on-site, out-of-the-box or tailored.

Product-Specific Knowledge 

We have hands-on experience with all the top DDoS software and hardware vendors, which ensures training is always relevant to your specific protective solutions.