DDoS Research Team

Our DDoS expert team brings to the table extensive cybersecurity skills  – from threat analysis and network architectures to a deep knowledge of DDoS protection solutions  – all to ensure that we provide first-rate consulting services to our customers.

DDoS Experts 

Ziv Gadot

Ziv provides leadership for Red Button's DDoS research team and is the developer of the DDoS Resiliency Score (DRS) standard. Prior to Red Button, Ziv worked at Radware for 11 years, where he established and managed a 24x7 emergency response team (ERT) to help organizations under DDoS attacks.

Israel Solomon

Israel is an accomplished professional with over 25 years of experience in directing customer-focused initiatives and technical services industry. Previously, Israel served as the Global Technical Services Director at Radware, a global leader in cyber security and application delivery solutions.

Ziv Elyashiv

Ziv has wide expertise in DDoS protection, including DDoS architecture design, DDoS readiness project management and security incident response best practices. Ziv has vast knowledge of all leading DDoS solution vendors, as well as of cloud providers such as AWS and Azure.

Gili Birchat El

Gili is a passionate cybersecurity professional specializing in cloud security and protective measures. Skilled in orchestrating tailored DDoS protection strategies, Gili consults global enterprises on infrastructure security for web and network attacks, remediation of vulnerabilities, and meeting WAF and API security standards.

Itai Zinger

As a cyber security professional, Itai brings extensive analytical skills to the Red Button team. He has rich experience with AWS and Azure, as well as DDoS expertise in incident response practices and web and network attacks. Itai currently manages all of Red Button’s DDoS simulation attacks, reporting and analysis.