It takes more than technology to mitigate a DDoS attack. It is crucial for your technical team to acquire the DDoS knowledge expertise so that they can quickly identify an attack and take the correct measures against it. For example, DDoS mitigation products typically offers multiple technologies, but you must understand which one is suitable for your organizational architecture.


Why Choose Our DDoS Training?

Hands-on. Our training courses include theory and hands-on practice using labs covering both defense and offense.

DDoS Expertise. Training courses incorporate our vast knowledge, having mitigating hundreds of DDoS attacks, including some of the most massive, sophisticated attacks worldwide.

Up-to-date information. Our security experts handle 20-30 global Incident Response incidents on a yearly basis. This allows us to incorporate into our training the most up-to-date insights on DDoS attack trends and the best prevention practices.

DDoS Vendor Agnostic. We have hands-on experience with all the top DDoS software and hardware vendors, which ensures your training is always relevant to your own protection gear.



Our DDoS Training Courses

Currently we offer the following courses: