DDoS Expert

Job description

The DDoS Expert will provide all our DDoS professional services to our customers: DDoS testing, DDoS architecture and design, and DDoS training and emergency response. The expert will gain vast knowledge in DDoS and put it into practice in all the professional services. This knowledge will include DDoS attacks, defense and security, and network knowledge. Red Button is vendor-agnostic therefore, the expert will gain knowledge of all the major  DDoS vendors and services, understand their underlying technology and possess hands-on skills. The expert will master Red Button's DDoS Testing Platform used to run our DDoS testing simulations. The expert's ultimate goal is to ensure that organizations under her or his responsibility are ready to withstand DDoS attacks.


  • At least 3 years of experience with DDoS or network security.
  • Experience with network protocols (e.g., TCP/IP).
  • Proactive, communicative and capable to lead and propel people to improve their security.


  • High compensation.
  • Unique opportunity to test and practice your knowledge in the reality of a major production environment.
  • Opportunity to become a genuine expert in DDoS.

How to Apply

Submit resume to: [email protected]