DDoS Day 2023

The DDoS Day event at the House of Lords in London provided valuable information and best practices related to
DDoS, enabling participants to maximize protection, reduce risk, and improve their readiness for DDoS attacks.



Ing. Octavia de Weerdt, General Director Stiching NBIP, the only not-for-profit DDoS scrubbing centre in Europe, provides insights on dealing with DDoS on a national scale in the Netherlands.

Christopher Jen, from AWS shares data on the AWS threat landscape.

Matthew Colledge shares his expertise protecting organizations against the most colossal and astutely crafted DDoS offensives, common in the Gaming/Gambling industry.

Virge Santos, Security Architect at Radware, explains how Web DDoS is changing the threat landscape.

 Ziv Gadot, CEO Red Button,  provides practical steps for evaluating your DDoS threat and taking actions to mitigate risk.