DDoS Day Austria 2018

Arrow ECS Austria has hosted for the second time the DDoS Day event. The event allowed decision makers to become familiar with the topic, assess the threat level in Austria and learn how to optimally prepare both organizationally and technically to meet the threat from leading IT security professionals in the field of DDoS.


Event Presentations

  • DDoS Trends – What you need to know
    Ziv Gadot, Founder & CEO Red Button
  • Current threat situation in Austria (DE)
    ObstdG Walter Unger (Lecture in German)
  • The customer point of view in selecting a DDoS protection system
    Scheweizer Bundesbbah (lecture in German)
  • IOT- New Threat Horizons
    Pascal Geenes, Cyber Security Evangelist EMEA & CALA at Radwere
  • Preparing for an emergency
    Ixia & Arrow ECS (Lecture in German)
  • Cloud, on-site or both? Which DDoS mitigation is better for me?
    Alexander Krakhofer, Radware & Laszlo Csosza, Security Expert Europe, Check point
  • Two Worlds and one RealityApproaching Security and Risk in the real and the virtual World
    Philippe Preisinger, SBA Research
  • Are you crazy, my DNS server suffers from Water-Torture, MIRAight!
    Alexander Krakhofer, Head of Solution Architects- DACH (Lecture in German)


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