Cybersecurity Services Specialist

About Us

Red Button is a cybersecurity consulting company dedicated to assisting organizations in achieving readiness for DDoS attacks. The way we do it is by simulating DDoS attacks on customers. Some customers are only looking for the attack, some customers want a summary report with recommendations on how to improve their protection based on the simulation, and some customers also want assistance in implementing the recommendations. We also have our DDoS Readiness program customers, which are our premium customers that are entitled to simulations, and implementation assistance, and also quarterly resilience assessments, employee training, workforce procedures, and incident response. We are DDoS subject-matter experts for hire and we sleep better at night knowing our customers are prepared for a DDoS attack.


About the Role

The Cybersecurity Services Specialist will be providing the full professional service suite to our customers. The specialist runs the simulations, writes the recommendations, conducts the audits, generates the procedures, and trains the customer employees.

The specialist works with people, not only computers. The role involves some project management aspects and the specialist will motivate the customer to act towards DDoS Readiness. When the specialist doesn’t work with the customer, the specialist studies the latest protection platforms, latest attacks, and the latest infrastructures to be protected.



  • Proven record of academic/occupational excellence – MUST.
  • Fast learning capabilities.
  • Excellent English – written and spoken.
  • Available to work occasional nights and weekends (for scheduled DDoS simulations and for IR emergencies. Not required for 24/7 shifts).
  • Employment/Military experience in the field of information security or computer networks.
  • Knowledge of network protocols (e.g., TCP/IP, DNS).
  • Proactive, communicative, and able to lead and propel people to improve their security



  • Cum laude university graduate.
  • Previous experience in customer-facing roles.
  • Experience working in SOC, Penetration Testing, Professional Services, Information Security, Networking, or System.
  • Knowledge in networking or network cybersecurity – BGP routing, WAF, CDN.
  • Experience with cloud computing infrastructure – Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.
  • Scripting skills.



  • High compensation.
  • Unique opportunity to practice your knowledge in the reality of a major production environment.
  • Opportunity to become a genuine expert in DDoS.

How to Apply

Submit resume to: [email protected]