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Microsoft Azure announces partnership with Red Button

By Ziv Gadot
April 24, 2022

We’re excited to announce that Microsoft has selected Red Button as a DDoS attack simulation testing provider. You can read about it here.

Using our DDoS Testing service, Microsoft Azure customers will be able to simulate real-world DDoS attack scenarios against DDoS standard protected resources to validate their protection and improve on their DDoS response strategy.

Our DDoS testing service simulates deep multi-vector DDoS attacks, including volumetric attacks, application-layer, and Low-and-Slow attacks. Customers receive a detailed report containing a full gap analysis outlining the main weaknesses, their severity, and how they should be fixed.

Additionally, Azure customers can benefit from two additional Red Button services:

  • DDoS 360 – an “all included” annual service that includes DDoS Testing, DDoS Hardening, DDoS team skills development, and DDoS Incident Response services.
  • DDoS Incident Response (IR) – a dedicated team of experts for handling critical DDoS emergencies to efficiently stop an attack and minimize outage time.

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