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Getting Ready for 2019 DDoS Threats


L7Defense will host Ziv Gadot, Red Button CEO. Gadot will discuss the primary realistic DDoS threats that organizations must know about and address. He will also explain how to mitigate each one, and what are the quick-wins in DDoS that any organization should perform. The threats and topics he will discuss are:

  • Why organizations are still failing with DDoS mitigation?
  • Avoiding false positive mitigation
  • Blocking HTTPS attacks
  • Mitigating advanced-persistent and multi-vector attacks

Viewers will benefit

  •  Learn which DDoS attack to expect at 2019.
  •  Reveal security gaps that their organization may have.
  •  Practical recommendations for hardening their DDoS defense lines.

This webinar hosted by L7 Defense

About the speaker

Ziv Gadot

Red Button's founder and CEO

Ziv Gadot is Red Button's founder and CEO. Red Button is a consulting and services company preparing organizations for DDoS attack from an architectural vendor-neutral point-of-view

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Avi Nagar

L7 Defense's VP sales and operation 


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