DDoS Webinars

2018 DDoS Trends – What You Need to Know


Ziv Gadot, Red Button CEO, will discuss the primary realistic DDoS threats that organizations must know about and address. Gadot will also explain how to mitigate each one. The attacks that he will discuss are:

  • Volumetric attacks
  • DNS DDoS attacks
  • HTTPS attacks
  • Hit-and-Run (burst attacks)

Benefits of attending the webinar include:

  • Ensuring that you are aware of threats
  • Learning “quick wins” in the fight against DDoS attacks

About the speaker

Ziv Gadot is Red Button's founder and CEO. Red Button is a consulting and services company that prepares organizations for DDoS attacks from an architectural vendor-neutral point of view. It ensures that the organization completes all the necessary steps to prepare itself: gap analysis, DDoS simulation testing, technology selection, SOC training and emergency response.

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Ziv Gadot, Founder & CEO Red-Button.

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