About Red Button

Red Button is a security services and consulting company that specializes in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Our mission is simple: to prepare organizations for DDoS attacks.

We have a somewhat different approach in the industry. We believe that DDoS maturity is a holistic process that requires the right technology, testing, procedures, training and more. To that end, we’ve introduced: the DDoS Resiliency Score, the first DDoS open standard; a virtual DDoS testing technology to enable immediate assessment; and a range of proven processes and methodologies for SOC/NOC teams.

We pride ourselves on providing objective, vendor-agnostic consultation and helping organizations around the world protect themselves from the most advanced attacks.

We’re Transforming the DDoS Defense Philosophy

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Ziv Gadot is Red Button's founder and CEO. In the last decade, Ziv has managed hundreds of DDoS attack mitigation projects and gained extensive experience in DDoS attacks and defense. Prior to Red Button, Ziv worked for 11 years at Radware, where he founded and managed the Emergency Response Team (ERT). Earlier in his career, Ziv worked on Check Point's VPN team and at Intel. Ziv is a frequent speaker at security conferences, an author of security reports, and the founder of the DDoS Resiliency Score (DRS) standard.

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